23 October 2016

Why Choose SME

At SME, we are about helping you in “the present!”

There are professional advisers who can examine your past e.g. Accountants and those who can help your future e.g. Financial Planners.

However, at SME we are Financial Advisers and we understand that you and small business are hurting today! We focus our attention on three (3) core elements;

  1. Personal Debt Reduction
  2. Risk Protection
  3. Superannuation

We believe if that if we work with you to concentrate on eliminating your mortgage, protecting your loved ones and your business and help you save for your retirement, in other words focus on what today’s pain is, then and only then would your future be financially secure!

Our passion is about

“Helping You Attain Financial Security And Peace of Mind, When You Need It Most… To Live An Inspirational Life”

In Life there are a lot of What If’s?

What if you lost the ability to earn your income?

 ….How would you pay the mortgage?

What if you were unable to work for up to twelve months?

….Could you still pay your staff or the fixed costs of the business?

 What If you died tomorrow, what financial position would your family be left in?

 ….Would your family lose their lifestyle or the family home?

 What if you, your life partner or your child was diagnosed with a debilitating disease?

….Do you have the money to pay for the medical costs?

 What if your business partner died?

 ….Can you afford to pay out your business partner’s spouse?

 What if the key person in your business just died?

 ….Can your business survive without a replacement?

 What if your business partner was unable to return to work as a result of suffering a major trauma?

 ….Could your business pay out the loan the bank will call up?


 There are a lot of “What If’s” in life… however, it only takes one to financially ruin your lifestyle and/or your business!

 It doesn’t have to be this way… with a little protection you will give yourself and your loved ones peace of mind and financial security when they need it most!

 Please, don’t become another statistic … take action today!

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